What Is an Appearance Bond Hearing?

A Bond Hearing

What is an appearance bond hearing?

No matter what the charges are, when you are arrested and jailed, you’ll appear before a judge at a bond hearing and the judge will decide whether you deserve bail. Depending on factors such as criminal record and your status in your community, the judge will determine whether you’re a flight risk and set a bail amount accordingly. Some charges have set bail amounts, many are determined by the judge. Usually, you have to pay a cash amount for the bail, either by paying the full amount of bail or through a surety bond from a bail bonds agency like You Call Bail Bond Agency.

In some cases, the judge might release you on your own recognizance. In this instance, no bail amount is set. Instead, you’re released on your promise to return for all other appointed court dates. Being released this way usually occurs on first offenses that are relatively minor in nature. A similar bond is an appearance bond. At an appearance bond hearing, you sign a written agreement to appear in court again. If you fail to appear you pay a fee and may suffer other legal consequences as a result of your failure to appear. If you need any help with appearance bonds in Mt. Clemens and Troy, MI, all you need to do is call You Call Bail Bond Agency at 844-YOU-WALK.

What happens at a bond appearance?

A bond hearing, or arraignment, is an appearance before a judge in which the defendant requests to be released from jail while charges are still pending. This usually when a bail amount is decided, although that might occur in a separate hearing. During the hearing, the defense attorney presents the defendant’s case to the court and makes a case for bail. The prosecuting attorney either agrees to the requests, denies it, or makes an alternate proposal. The judge makes a decision on bail, and either sets an amount or releases the defendant either on recognizance bond or an appearance bond, a written agreement to appear in court or pay a fee if the defendant fails to show up.

What is the difference between a cash bond and a bail bond?

Although “bail” and “bond” are often used interchangeably, bail is the amount the court set for the defendant to be released from jail, while the bond is the amount paid based on the promise to return to court. A cash bond is just one type of bail bond you can pay to get released from jail in Michigan.

Types of bonds

  • Cash bond: When you pay a cash bond, you are paying the full amount of bail set by the court. In some cases, you literally have to pay the full amount in cash.
  • Recognizance bond: No amount is set for bail. The judge agrees to release the defendant based on certain factors, in particular, how much of a flight risk the person is. An appearance bond is similar, although a fee is attached if the defendant fails to appear.
  • Ten percent bond: With this type of bond, the court allows the defendant to pay 10% of the bail amount to be released.
  • Surety bond: A surety bond is paid by a bail bonds agent. A fee based on a percentage of bail is paid to the bondsman to secure the defendant’s release.

What is a cash appearance bond?

A cash bond is a bail bond in which the full amount of bail is paid in cash or using a secured form of payment such as a debit or credit card. This payment is held by the court until all court proceedings have been concluded. As long as you appear at all court proceedings the full amount paid will be returned to you. 

What is a secured appearance bond?

“Secured appearance bond” is a term for a bail bond that requires collateral. Collateral can range from cars and trucks to homes or property and jewelry. The bail bond amount is secured with the collateral.

What is a consolidated appearance bond?

This means multiple fees have been consolidated into one fee on an appearance bond.

Appearance bond for pretrial release forms

Pretrial release is another name for bail. On a pretrial release appearance bond, you will sign a form that serves as a written agreement between you and the court that you will return to court for your trial or other court proceedings or pay a fee. If you have an appearance bond with conditions, this means, along with the fee you must meet all the bond conditions set down in the agreement or you may be taken into custody again. Conditions could include anything from not drinking alcohol to checking in with court agencies to seeking employment or staying employed. 

How does an appeal bond work?

An appeal bond is very different from an appearance bond. Appeals bonds are issued by surety insurers in civil cases to ensure that payments are made if a court upholds a judgment after an appeal is made. 

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