What Does Appeal Bond Mean?

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What does appeal bond mean?

Are you appealing your civil case? When a decision has gone against you in a civil case, you have a right to appeal the decision to a higher court—as long as there is a legal basis—to get the decision changed. To do so you will need to file the appeal along with an appeal bond, or supersedeas bond, to stay the judgment against you until the appeal is over. The bond itself is often in the amount of the judgment, although it could be more. Similar to other bonds, an appeal bond is paid either to the court or a third party as a promise to pay the original judgment if you lose the appeal. These bonds are required in state and federal courts in order to secure the right to appeal. When you need help getting an appeal bond in Mt. Clemens and Troy, MI the trusted professionals to turn to are those at You Call Bail Bond Agency. Find out how we can help by calling 844-YOU-WALK.

What is meant by appeal?

In both criminal and civil cases, the decision a court renders can be appealed. An appeal is a request by the defendant in a criminal case (in most states} or either party in a civil case to change the judgment made in a lower court. All appeals must have some legal basis to be filed. In an appeal, errors in the trial’s procedure or errors in interpretations of laws are usually considered by a higher court. In a criminal case a defendant must file for an appeal, whereas in a civil case, the party filing the appeal must pay an appeal bond to stay the judgment until the appeal is heard. These bonds are normally paid by the defendant as a promise to pay the original judgment if the appeal is lost. 

Do you go to jail during an appeal?

In a criminal case, if you are convicted, you will serve your sentence even if you have appealed the decision. If you have been placed on deferred adjudication and received probation for the offense you won’t spend time in jail unless you violate your probation. If you are serving jail time while awaiting a decision on your appeal, in some states you may be able to get bail and be released during the course of your appeal. As with pre-trial bail, post-conviction bail will be based on the court’s decision, and you will have to meet certain conditions to remain out of jail. 

Can you post an appeal bond

If you are appealing a civil case you may wonder, “How do I get an appeal bond?” Getting an appeal bond is fairly easy. All you need to do to start the process is to call a reputable bail bond agent like those at You Call Bail Bond Agency licensed to issue such bonds. Normally, with this type of bond collateral must be put up to secure it and a premium must be paid for it to be issued. 

How does appeal bond work

The appeal bond process is fairly simple:

  • The person filing the appeal files a bond to cover the cost of the original judgment.
  • The bond is often secured through a licensed bail bond agent.
  • The bond is used as a way to protect those the court ruled in favor of until the appeal process is completed.
  • If the losing party claims bankruptcy during the appeals process, the bond is used to compensate the winning party.
  • If the losing party loses the appeal, they pay the amount of the original judgment to the winner.

How much is an appeal bond?

The amount of an appeal bond is normally 100% of the final judgment. Sometimes the amount paid is higher than the final amount. Additionally, if a bond agent is used, you’ll pay a premium based on a small percentage of the bond amount. This premium is usually smaller than a normal bail bond fee, but the amount depends on the bond agent. You will also have to put up something for collateral to secure the bond.

How to appeal immigration bond

Appealing a bond denied for any criminal case, including immigration, is a completely different procedure than filing an appeal bond. When denied bail for immigration detention, after consulting an immigration attorney, you’re going to have to go through federal authorities at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and request a bond hearing and file an appeal. If bail is granted you’ll need to find a bail bond agent to help the detainee post bail.

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Appeal bond help

If you find yourself needing to appeal a judgment in a civil case and want help getting an appeal bond in Mt. Clemens and Troy, MI reach out to the licensed professionals at You Call Bail Bond Agency. We offer a full range of bail bond services. Find out how we can help you by calling 844-YOU-WALK.