What Are Misdemeanor Bail Bonds?

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Misdemeanor Bail Bonds Are Used for Misdemeanor Charges.

People who aren’t too familiar with the bail process, won’t know a lot about the different types of bail bonds that are offered. While there are specific bail bonds like weapons violation bail or DUI bail, there are also bail bonds that are specific to a criminal offense. One of the most common bail bonds for a criminal offense is a misdemeanor bail bond. What are misdemeanor bail bonds? This is the kind of bail bond that would be used when someone is charged with a misdemeanor offense. In most cases, when someone is charged with a misdemeanor, there is no need for them to post bail. A lot of times a person will be released on their own recognizance, meaning they promise to show up to court on their assigned court date.

This begs the question of, “Do you have to post bail for a misdemeanor?” It’s going to depend on what type of offense was committed. For first time offenders, they may just get a citation and a fine to pay. If a person has committed the crime before or its a more serious type of misdemeanor, then bail will be needed to get them out of jail. If someone is charged and arrested for a misdemeanor and placed in jail, how much is bail for a misdemeanor? There are a couple of factors that can determine how much bail will be–how old the person is, if the person has any current charges, their criminal history, if the person has failed to appear in court on other occasions, and what type of misdemeanor was committed. The more serious the offense, the more expensive the misdemeanor bail bonds will be.

What is Considered a Misdemeanor?

Typically, a misdemeanor has different classifications depending on the severity. For example, the state of Michigan has three classes of misdemeanors, 93 days misdemeanors, one-year misdemeanors, and high court misdemeanors. Many people might ask, “Can you go to jail for a misdemeanor?” and the answer is yes based on the severity of the crime, past criminal history, as well as other factors. In order to be charged with a 93 days misdemeanor, someone would have to commit embezzlement that is less than $200 or assault and battery; when someone is charged with one-year misdemeanors, they typically have committed firing a firearm intentionally or larceny that is more than $200 but less than $1,000; even though a high-court misdemeanor is a misdemeanor, it is punishable of up to two years in prison–vehicular manslaughter is considered a high-court misdemeanor.

How To Deal with a Misdemeanor Charge

While a misdemeanor offense might not always be bad, it is still something that can affect your life. How does a misdemeanor affect your life? The ways that a misdemeanor can affect your life if by having that charge on your criminal record. It doesn’t matter how long ago the charge happened or how old you were, a misdemeanor will follow you around your whole life. If you apply for a job or college, and they ask if you have a criminal record, you have to state that you have a misdemeanor charge on your record. If the misdemeanor charge has to do with driving, there might also be consequences with your driver’s license. The best way to go about having a misdemeanor charge is to try to get it expunged; expungement is the only way that the misdemeanor will be removed from your record. If you are wanting to make the misdemeanor bail bonds process easy, show up to court when you are supposed to, pay the necessary fines, and serve any time that is handed down.

Misdemeanor Charges Vs Felony

When talking about categories of criminal offenses, felonies are a lot more serious than a misdemeanor. Here are some of the differences between the two.

Misdemeanor Charge

  • A year or less than a year of jail time.
  • Punishments can vary between misdemeanor classes.
  • Offenders have to pay a small fine.
  • Misdemeanor offenses can include trespassing, public intoxication, vandalism, and petty theft.

Felony Charge

  • A year or more in prison.
  • They can be violent or non-violent.
  • Offenders pay large fines that can be thousands of dollars.
  • Felony offenses can include murder, attempted murder, rape, human trafficking, and burglary.

An important thing to note is that misdemeanors can be changed to felonies if certain factors come into play. If a person has committed a crime more than once, their misdemeanor charge can turn into a felony charge. How many misdemeanors make a felony? There are only certain misdemeanors that can turn into felony charges, for example, assault, DUIs, and domestic violence can be charged as misdemeanors, but if a person has a previous record of these offenses, then the misdemeanor can turn into a felony offense. It’s going to be different state to state and person to person.

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