What is bail?

Bail is simply the temporary release of a prisoner in exchange for security given. In order for a person who has been accused of a crime to be released from jail, they must put up bail — a specific amount of money that is deposited with the county court in the form of cash or a surety bail bond. Its sole purpose is to assure the attendance of the defendant at every court appearance until the judge decides on the case.

Are bail and bond the same thing?

Kind of. Bail is paid by a defendant, and the bond is posted by someone else on the defendant’s behalf, and they both are put up as security to assure that the defendant will appear for trial. Bail is a cash payment paid to the court by a defendant. When a defendant does not have the cash, they will go to a bail bond agency for help. The bond is the bondsman’s pledge to make good on the bail amount if the defendant doesn’t appear.

What happens if someone gets bond assistance, but then they do not appear in court?

That would mean the You Call Bail Bond Agency is liable to the court for the full amount of the bond…. not just 10%. This is why we require collateral for larger bonds — such as a free-and-clear title to a piece of real estate or a vehicle, boats or other items of substantial value. (Without a mortgage loan, auto loan or personal loan against it). Having that collateral hopefully provides an incentive for the defendant to make all of their court appearances.

What is your fee?

The fee for our service is 10% of the amount of the bond and a minimum of $50. A bail bond fee is set by state law and is tied to the amount of the bond — so the larger the bond, the larger our fee.

How do I get the bond from you to get my loved one (or myself) out of jail?

Once you contact us, we’ll first get your bail amount and the charges against you from the correctional institution. We’ll then complete your paperwork and, once we have been paid 10% from you, we will post the bail. Once you/your loved one is released, you will make a trip to our offices to finish the obligatory paperwork. We will notify you of your court date and time.

Do you share my information with anyone? (I don’t want anyone to know that my loved one (or I) needed to be bailed out of jail.)

Privacy, confidentiality, and discretion are vitally important in our business. We do not share any details or information about you or your case with anyone but you.

What type of information do I need to provide the You Call Bail Bond Agency to start the process of bailing my loved one out of jail?

Ideally, we would need the following:
• Defendants name
• Date of birth
• County they were arrested In
• Jail number/facility is being held in
• Date arrested
If you do not have all of that information on hand, that’s OK. Call 844-YOU-WALK and we’ll get the process started to get your loved one released ASAP and get the extra details later.

How is the amount of bail determined?

The judge will use a number of things to determine how much bail is required, OR if it’s even going to be permitted. Among the things the judge will consider are: whether there is a criminal record, has the defendant been making proper court appearances, does the defendant have any ties to the community, is the suspect danger to others, and any additional concerns that may affect the defendant.

How long does it take to get someone released?

This really depends on many factors and will vary by the defendant, the facility, time of day, activity in the courthouse/jail, etc. Our agents have great relationships with the jails and are ready to help people released as quickly as possible, 24/7. In general:
• Once someone has been arrested, they will be taken to the local jail for booking; this process takes about 1-4 hours to complete.
• After the bond has been posted, the defendant will be released within 4-12 hours, depending on the release process at the correctional facility.
• Depending on the seriousness of the crime committed, it is possible to have your bail posted right after being booked. It may be necessary to wait —usually less than 48 hours—to go before a judge and learn about the eligibility to post bail and what the costs are.

Reach out to us with any additional questions by dialing 844-YOU-WALK!