Do First Time Drug Offenders Go to Jail?

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When you or someone you know has drug charges you may be wondering what to do to remedy the situation. It’s important to differentiate certain things when involving drug charges. Such as what drug charges are felonies and what constitutes more fines & repercussions than others. The type of drug you have, the amount of it and the state that you reside can make all of the difference. As of such, drug possession is illegal and in order to be wary of legal matters they shouldn’t be interacted with in the first place. As of such, if you are awaiting trial there are bail bonds in Mt. Clemens and Troy, MI specifically for drug charges that can be of use to you. From a surety bond to others there are avenues that can be taken to await trial at the comfort of your home. Here is some helpful information about drug charges in the meantime.

What is considered a controlled substance?

A controlled substance is a chemical or drug that is regulated by the government with possession, manufacture or use. Such can be prescription medication or illicitly used drugs, both of which are to be designated by the law. Substances are typically classified as schedules that are composed primarily of potentially psychoactive substances. These groups are based on the Federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) that will place or categorize frugs based on the medical value in conjunction with the potential for the drug to be abused or cause addiction. Most state laws will recognize CSA’s five schedules starting from the most dangerous with Schedule I (like heroin) to least with Schedule V. Many drugs lie in between these ranks such as morphine which has a high medical value but is addictive.

How long is the jail sentence for drug possession?

The jail sentence for drug possession can range from as low as 2 years to as high as 99 years depending on the quantity of drugs that are possessed.

What is the sentence for possession of drugs?

The sentence for drug possession will vary state by state, for example, for simple possession first-time offenders can get 2-10 years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000. In California, the lightest drug possession sentence cna be $30 and $500 in fines and/or 15-180 days in jail.  As of such the severity of the charge and penalties can vary by the Schedule of the drug as well as the amount in possession.

What drugs are felony charges?

Felony drug charges will involve the possession of illegal substances of a certain quantity of a particular drug. For instance, possessing heroin in most states is considered a felony.  That is considered a Schedule 1 substance and in some states even Schedule II narcotics can be a felony. Yet with Schedule I- II non-narcotics they’ll most likely incur a misdemeanor instead.

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What are some drug charges?

Drug Charges and Penalties

  • Possession of 5-50 pounds= $10,000 fine, jail 2-10 years
  • Possession of 50-2,000 pounds= $10,000 fine, jail 2-20 years
  • Possession of Over 2,000 pounds= $50,000 fine, prison sentence 5-99 years

Can drug charges be dropped?

You can only drop a criminal charge if the evidence was illegally obtained and inadmissible in court. What’s more, a skilled defense attorney can show if the police failed to show a proper search warrant before obtaining or searching for evidence.

Can drug charges be expunged?

Drug charges even with felonies can be expunged although they may prove to be more difficult the more severe a charge it is. Although the laws regarding drug charge expungement will differ by state tyoically you can’t have your charge expunged if you’re still in the court system. To follow with this the main rule is to make sure to complete the probation or parole term that has been given. Get in touch with your legal representation for more information about your particular case.

Contact Your Local Bondsman For Drug Charges & Know Your State’s Laws

These are just some examples of drug charges and penalties and how certain scenarios may affect you will differ from state to state. With all of the specifics of drug charges and penalties, it’s important to be educated on what your state’s particular legal classifications and repercussions entail. When you find yourself or someone you know with drug charges it’s important to get in touch with a representative. The legal process can take some time & typically requires specific rules to be followed through and met. As of such, there are avenues available such as seeking bail bonds that can make the legal process moving forward smoother once drug charges have already become a reality and need to be properly dealt with. Be sure to have clear communications with your lawyer and bondsman for a smoother legal process.

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