Bail Bonds Service in Mt. Clemens and Troy, MI

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Professional Bail Bonds Service

When someone you love has been arrested or charged with a crime, it can be incredibly stressful and heartbreaking. Not only because you don’t know what’s going to happen, but because they are stuck in a situation where they aren’t able to go to work, school, or take care of their day to day responsibilities. In this type of circumstance, you might feel very alone and without any help or answers. At You Call Bail Bond Agency, we are here to tell you that you aren’t alone and that we have your back. Whenever you, a family member, or a friend need to be released from jail quickly, we can help! Our bail bond company is able to offer quality bail bonds service in Mt. Clemens and Troy, MI. Whether someone has been charged with a misdemeanor, needs help with an arrest warrant, or needs assistance with a traffic violation, our bail bond agents are ready to assist you. We have been in this business for over 20 years, with experience to provide professional guidance to get you through this difficult time. If you need bail bonds service, please contact our office at 844-YOU-WALK!

Services That We Offer

No matter what situation someone might be in, it’s not our place to judge. We can assure potential clients that when they come to us for help, we treat them fairly and with compassion. No one wants to be in a situation where they are in jail and without help. It prevents people from their daily lives and the responsibilities they have to take care of. Not only that, when someone is stuck in jail, they aren’t able to adequately prepare for their trial. At You Call Bail Bond Agency, we believe everyone deserves a way to get released from jail quickly and easily, which is why we are here to help. We offer people collateralized and uncollateralized bail bonds so that they have options, as well as bail bonds that will work for their specific circumstance. To talk with one of our bail bond agents about getting bail bonds service in Mt. Clemens and Troy, MI, just call our office. These are some of the services that we can offer our clients.

  • 10% Bonds At You Call Bail Bond Agency, we are able to offer 10% Bonds service.
  • Appeal Bond Have you appeal the court’s ruling of your case? We can help by offering you an appeal bond.
  • Appearance Bonds Do you need appearance bonds in order to get out of jail? Contact our bail bond agents for help.
  • Arrest Warrants Help If you have an arrest warrant and don’t know where to turn, call our bail bondsmen for assistance.
  • Bench Warrants For people who have a bench warrant and want to try to take care of it, call us for bench warrants help.
  • Cash and Surety Bonds We offer cash and surety bonds for clients who cannot afford to put up the bail money themselves.
  • Drug Charge Bail Has your friend or family member been arrested for a drug charge? Call us for drug charge bail.
  • DUI Bail In situations where someone has been arrested for a DUI, we can offer DUI bail services.
  • Emergency Jail Bail If you or someone you love needs to get out of jail immediately, our bail bond company can offer emergency jail bail.
  • Felony and Misdemeanor Bail Bonds Whether someone committed a felony or a misdemeanor, we have the bail bonds to get them out.
  • Traffic Bonds When someone has committed a traffic violation, we can help by offering traffic bonds service.
  • Weapons Violation Bail Get out of jail quickly on a weapons violation charge with our weapons violation bail.

How We Can Help

When it comes to the bail process, many people can get confused. This is because people generally don’t go through the bail process every day, so the different rules depending on the charge can be mind-boggling. Our bail bond company understands this and that is why when you call us, we will guide you through the entire bail bond process. Any concern or question that you have, our bail bondsmen are happy to talk you through it and provide you with the answers that you need.

In addition to walking clients through the bail process, we will also offer more solutions and assistance if needed. We can offer you free bail advice, as well as be a shoulder to lean on when things get tough. At You Call Bail Bond Agency we allow our clients to have cosigners and they can reach us either through telephone, fax, email, or text. To work with a team that offers compassion every step of the way, call us today! We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so regardless of what time or day it is, you can rely on us for expert bail bonds service in Mt. Clemens and Troy, MI.

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Our service fee is 10% of the bond amount, with your minimum payment being $50. Based on state law, the bail bond fee is connected to the bail amount, which means that if the bail amount is high, the service fee will also be high. This can be stressful and hard for a lot of people, as the bail amount is dependent on what the court and judge decide. We don’t want our clients to be in a situation where they are at risk financially, which is why we offer payment plans. Everyone should have access to exceptional bail bonds service without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money, so we offer our clients weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payments to make it more affordable.

For the last 20 years, we have helped many, many people get released from jail successfully. We are able to do this because we have built strong relationships with the court systems, making the process a lot easier and faster for our clients. Our bail bondsmen want our clients to be able to go out and live their lives, as well as prepare for their upcoming trial, so we will do what it takes to make that happen. From felony bail bonds to DUI bail, there is nothing we can’t help you with. Contact us at 844-YOU-WALK to get bail bonds service in Mt. Clemens and Troy, MI today.